Broughton Castle

Broughton Castle, near Banbury, has been the home of the Saye and Sele family for six hundred years. Although called a ‘castle’, it really is a fortified Tudor manor house – and a superb example it is! The original house, much of which remains today, was built in about 1300 and was surrounded by a moat. About 100 years later a battlemented wall was added, giving the house a military look. Then in about 1554, the house was enlarged and reconstructed in the ‘Court’ style of Edward VI, completing its translation into a Tudor manor house.

Visitors may see the Great Hall, in which arms and armour from the Civil War are displayed, Queen Anne’s room, the King’s Chamber and many other fascinating parts of this family home. They may also visit the gatehouse, the park, the nearby 14th century Church of St Mary and the gardens.

The garden consists of mixed herbaceous and shrub borders containing many old roses. In addition, there is a formal walled garden with beds of roses surrounded by box hedges and lined by more mixed borders.

Note: The house is only open from mid-May to mid-September on Wednesday and Sunday afternoons; and also on Thursday afternoons in July and August.